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By now, you've certainly heard about Nicole Arbour's controversial YouTube video Dear Fat People,” which has people up in arms about whether this is funny or cruel But while we're all still fighting over whether her remarks were pure bigotry or kind of true and sort of comical, Arbour is shaking her head and letting you know she's not about to apologize anytime soon. I also found a few that were from less well-known Youtubers like Nate Clark and SimplyTee , who focused on their personal experiences with weight loss and shaming and, in SimplyTee's case, her worries for her younger siblings who also struggle with body image.

Too bad Arbour's manic videos don't qualify. The comedian and YouTube star appeared on The View on Wednesday, stating that the video was actually meant to be offensive. In this past month, Ms. Arbour has also targeted so-called Instagram ” models in a stellar example of slut shaming.

Compare and contrast that style with Arbour's flatlining statement "Women should give more blowjobs." Marbles comes across as Einstein whilst Arbour comes across as Cosmo Kramer shouting the N word in a comedy club. A comedian who criticised overweight people has sparked a row over censorship on YouTube.

I'm over here putting my ass on the line,” she wrote ostentatiously on Twitter , and being hella brave to try and change the world in a new way.” Indeed, it is hella brave” and new” to tell fat people to eat less and exercise more - much like the bravery of Braveheart, or the brave girl from Brave, or the weird old guy who used to come into my work when I was 17 and try to sell me pyramid scheme weight-loss pills that I'm 99% sure were tapeworm eggs mixed with Adderall.

When Chelsea Peretti cracks off about women not being respected in the workforce, it's rooted in honesty of her experiences writing for TV. When Thought Catalog alumni and all around gem, Ryan 'Connell makes light of disabilities, it's rooted from his own life because he has CP. If you really can't find a place of relatability with your comedy, it has to be placed in a way where people are able to laugh WITH you.

Following the incident, Arbour's YouTube channel was temporarily removed, with some accusing the comedian of deleting the channel herself to gain publicity. When we talk about how people just can't beat depression,” we don't mean it's impossible to beat, but rather sometimes it's impossible to beat without proper support and tools.

On Sunday, Arbour posted on Facebook claiming that her "Dear Fat People" video had vanished from YouTube. Since the release of Dear Fat People, various YouTubers have posted videos which criticise Arbour's argument. Whether you like it or not, whether you realise it or not, your life is tangibly better because of fat women who live unapologetically, who wedge the gates of acceptance open wider every day.

YouTuber Nicole Arbour looks like hottest mean girl in school. 'œShe was fun and nice and had a lot of energy.'Mills was planning to meet with Arbour to brainstorm scenes, until he watched the fat-phobic video 'œI saw something on the Internet that made me never want to see her again,'he said.

Check out all that you wanted to know about Nicole Arbour, the famous Canadian YouTuber and comedienne; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more. In early 2015 Nicole was dating a fellow YouTuber from Canada Matthew Girl power Santoro for a while.

A lot of famous YouTubers made response videos. Incidentally, if there's a way to play my so-called fat people card to get early boarding and fun golf carts to ride in, that would be great because flying actually really sucks. On The View, Arbour claimed all of her videos were "satire" and that she's just "being silly" and having fun.

Comedian and all around horrible person, Nicole Arbour, is now trying to throw Chrissy Teigen under the bus for not wearing black and making a joke on Twitter. She's widely known in YouTube circles and has recently gone viral, for the umpteenth time, with a satirical video about Instagram models.

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