Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, having 600,000 businesses powered. Shopify stores sold $124 million in products in 2010, and Lütke says figures reached $275 million last year. Be sure to request permission from your customers before you use their testimonials online and always try to use an image where possible. For established eCommerce businesses, Shopify's $79-per-month standard plan is great for generating brand loyalty programs that leverage promotional tools such as gift cards and coupons.

Shopify also has a great checkout with the semi-recent introduction of a one-page responsive checkout One con is that in Shopify, business owners with the lower tier pricing plans aren't able to view real-time shipping rates, which could result in higher shipping rates for customers.

Social Media — Get more engaged and connected with your customers on social media using these apps. So that's all there is to it with Shopify - create an account, customise your theme, choose a plan, and add the products! Shopify Support , meanwhile, typically won't be able to assist with designing your site or making customizations to your store or theme.

If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, and a little bit easier to setup - then I would also consider BigCommerce ( see their plans here & see my Bigcommerce review here ). Take my eCommerce platform quiz here that will help you decide.

Once integrated - either through Shopify or Bridge - ecommerce marketers will have access to the following features. It's not that Magento is only for big businesses; quite the opposite, Magento is highly scalable and beneficial to small and large stores alike.

They've typically put in lots of work to grow their small business, sourcing products, making their first few sales and improving search rankings for popular keywords. It prides itself on helping businesses focus on building and selling products, while the platform takes care of everything else.

Adding products as well as setting up payment and shipping options works absolutely painlessly: no important service is missing. Before we break down what you get from each of Shopify's pricing plans, know that you can save either 10% or 20% if you decide to subscribe to their 1-year or 2-years plans, respectively.

Switching to Shopify was both a major downgrade, but at the same time has kept my site online. Premium store front themes - your online shop will look professional, which is a key ingredient in attracting more visitors and keeping them on your website to increase sales.

The goal was simple: provide an easy way to sell products online that frees sellers from all technical hurdles. I know for Shopify they have a lot of different built in tools, and all sorts of powerful add-on's (their apps market) which can power small businesses to very large businesses.

Most importantly, these are the 2 shopify dropshipping most important features Shopify needs you to take to make you a successful paying customer (you aren't gonna be converting into a paid customer if you're making no sales… and your store design and product photos are critical first steps to making your first sale).

Shopify payments offers vendors an easy way to set up a credit card clearing system and accept all sort of different payment methods. By managing all your sales in one place you can save yourself a lot of time and a lot of money from having to deal with different systems and platforms.

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